The film is a 100 minute heartwarming, feel-good drama for the whole family and filmed in cinema 4k for theatre exhibition.  It will make you laugh and cry, rouse your anger and often make you feel good.  

The film is expected to  be rated with a PG classification with no bad language or sexual content.  It is primarily an entertainment medium with the additional subtext as below. 


a. That a long held hatred can be converted into forgiveness

b. That negative words spoken over children can do long term damage.

c. To inspire young people as well as older to reach their potential, regardless of previous negative experiences.

d. To realize that your life has more potential and is capable of more than dependance on welfare. 


  • Television ABC, SBS or private channels as an entertainment medium
  • Film festivals in Australia & Overseas
  • Overseas television and cinematic markets
  • As an inspiration film for training organizations
  • For indigenous community use as an aspirational tool

Production Location:

The scenes will be shot in many locations across the Sunshine Coast, QLD during 2020.